Work smarter – not harder in a ergonomic future

We always see the bad working postures, which ruin the fingers and overstretch the knees and back. Physical overloads that in many cases end up in becoming chronic diseases. We decided to develop a new system with work environment and ergonomics being the focal points.

Product Benefits

  • Height adjustable Tool - fits every empolyee
  • Nearly 80% faster than traditional ways to mount tubes
  • Only 1 empolyee is needed for mounting– No more “too tight bindings”
  • No risk of Corrosion (plastic on plastic)
  • The Clips lifts the tube from the iron and provides better concreting
  • The Clips can be kicked off and be replaced /used again
  • More straight and accurate positioning of the tube on the Mesh
  • Cost’nuse calculation show a breakeven with a salary of Euro 10 per hour compared to other more traditional ways to mount
  • Many different types of dimensions can be delivered
  • No electrical power needed
  • The System will be adapted to other dimensions or needs

​80% faster - 100% smarter

The Smart Tool is filled from the top with the Smart Clips gathered in a stick - when pressing down lightly above a cross on the reinforcement mesh the smartclip is mounted.


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